Confessions from the Heart

I learned an interesting lesson this week:

For so many years, I was confident that I had all the answers to whatever!  Then, without warning, I had only questions, and, no answers.

Guess when all this happened?  You got it–when I decided to turn my life over to God.  I realized that I was only giving “lip service” to my magnanimous act.

I was bopping along through life–still depending on me.  And, at some level, resenting God for robbing me of “my power”.  I constantly complained about how much better off I was before the “transformation”.  Secretly, I long for the “good ol’ days”–when I used to smoke, drink, party all night, fornicate, etc., etc.–what a life!

I conveniently forgot the awful morning hangovers, the empty relationships, the tears, the fears, the loneliness.

Giving your life to God is not easy.  But, the advantage is the growth that takes place:  the peace, the joy, the excitement of life, the hope.

In the world, you have “fun” for a minute, but, the morning after is the pits.  It is as if you are blinded while your are doing “your thing”–day breaks–you either go into denial or depression.  This does not happen with God!

1) In 2016, WE will have an opportunity to EFFECTUATE CHANGE – WE VOTE!!!No excuses this time! PLAN AHEAD — allow THIRTY MINUTES for the process.  VOTE!

For the first time in thirty years, I am FULLY ENGAGED in the election campaign process.  I hope you are, too.

During the upcoming months, I will share my thoughts and invite your comments.  BOTTOM LINE:  It is time WE TAKE ACTION!


2) The next time you feel like God can’t use you, remember the following people:

  • NOAH was a drunk;
  • ABRAHAM was too old;
  • ISAAC was a daydreamer;
  • JACOB was a liar;
  • LEAH was ugly;
  • JOSEPH was abused;
  • MOSES could not talk;
  • GIDEON was afraid;
  • SAMPSON had long hair and was a womanizer;
  • RAHAB was a prostitute;
  • JEREMIAH and TIMOTHY were too young;
  • DAVID had an affair and was a murderer;
  • ELIJAH was suicidal;
  • ISAIAH preached naked;
  • JONAH ran from God;
  • NAOMI was a widow;
  • JOB went bankrupt;
  • JOHN the Baptist ate bugs;
  • PETER denied Christ (more than once);
  • The Disciples fell asleed while praying;
  • MARTHA worried about everything;
  • MARY MAGDALENE was demon possesed;
  • The SAMARITAN WOMAN was divorced (more than once);
  • ZACCHEUS was too small;
  • PAUL was too religious;
  • TIMOTHY had an ulcer;




During difficult moments, Seek God.

At quiet moments, Worship God.

In painful moments, Trust God.

With every moment, Thank God.


4) It is time for all of us to stop BLAMESHIFTING and start accepting responsibility for…the world as it exists today.

Realize that the contemporary catch-phrases are nothing more than FLESH-PLEASERS!

As humans, it is in our nature to shirk responsibility for our inappropriate behavior.  In fact, Adam, our forefather, gave us our first lesson.  [Adam to God:  “That woman you gave me is responsible…”]

Despite our efforts to the contrary, we have NOT changed our behavior patterns — we still try to blame others for our wrong choices!

And, it is time we stopped being so concerned with POLITICAL CORRECTNESS and become more concerned with our SPIRITUAL AWARENESS! (Can you not perceive within your spirit that we are in SELF-DESTRUCT MODE?)

Someone recently asked me:  “Are you ready to be persecuted?”

Well, quite frankly, I would rather not subject myself to any form of attack.  admittedly, I am not quite certain what action I will take.  But, I do know that I cannot sit on the sidelines any longer.  It is time ….!

By the way, did you know that when Noah built his ark, there were supposedly over 300 million people living on the earth.  Yet, only Noah and his family (8 human beings) CHOSE to trust God’s Word!  Everyone else scornfully rejected Noah’s warnings.

Have you ever considered what MODERN-DAY PHRASES were used to attack Noah’s faith?!  (Interestingly, throughout history, the naysayers have always chanted: “This is a NEW DAY…you are outdated…old fashioned…out of step…)


<blockquote> <h2>Sabotage:</h2> <strong>Any treacherous (deceptive) action to hinder an endeavor.</strong></blockquote> I'm convinced that every pe

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