Merchants’ Supplies

Recently, I was shopping at a certain store. At the time for payment of my merchandise, I was asked by the clerk: “Do you want a bag?”

My response: “Only if it is free!”

Rudely, the customer behind me snapped: “What’s the problem? It’s only a nickel!”

Mr. Rude was correct: It is only 5₵.

But, consider this: On an average day, how many nickels are merchants receiving from their customers? Now, multiply that times 365.

And, how much do you believe these merchants have paid for that bag? I would estimate merchants pay 5₵ for the bags provided to customers; thus, merchants are realizing a 400% profit.

Now, there are those who will argue that we, customers, are contributing to earth conservation through our abandonment of plastic bags.

I do not dispute the research that has concluded that plastic bags are harmful to our earth and its inhabitants. I do not question the validity of the claim that plastic bags do not biodegrade. Instead they photodegrade; breaking down into toxic bits which contaminate the earth’s soil and waterways.

Yet, even if we accept these facts as true, how is it the consumers’ responsibility to provide merchants’ supplies? Should such an expense not be borne by the supplier of the goods?

Just think about it!

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